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What's The Buzz

RHYNO Owner and President Al Vangura recently joined Bloomdaddy on WJAS 1320 AM on his segment “What’s the Buzz." They discussed Spokane Officer Timothy Schwering’s heroic rescue of Kim Novak from her burning car, and how RHYNO is helping to aid in future rescues. Click here to listen.

Managing Glass Hazards

“I believe RHYNO Windshield Cutter will improve rescuer safety, improve patient care and safety, and lessen on-scene time. Anything that saves a minute here, a minute there, can mean my patient gets to the trauma center that much faster.”

Fire & Rescue, Second Quarter 2013 Issue 30
John Sileski

Gear Test: RHYNO Windshield Cutter

Removing laminated glass with the RHYNO Windshield Cutter was remarkably easy, especially when compared to other hand tools, and was safer and more efficient when compared to reciprocating saws.”

Firerescue Magazine, June 1, 2013
Les Baker

Glass Dust Confusion: How the Rescue Community Has Been Left in a Cloud

In the end, the rescue and extrication community, including fire, emergency medical service (EMS), and police, must come to terms with the fact that glass dust is not dangerous and way too much time has been wasted for a hazard that does not pose an unreasonable risk.”

Fire Apparatus, Vol. XVIII No. 12
Al Vangura Jr.


RHYNO2 Product Review

"First off, the tool is very lightweight, easy to deploy, and the cutter blades require very little clearance to effectively cut through the windshield. The RHYNO has a great nitch market in the making with automakers increasing the use of laminated side glass."

Glass Management and Sharp End Protection

Having used the the tool during a training scenario the initial access hole was easily created using the RHYNO blade, although it does come with a ‘mini halligan bar’ to make the initial hole in the windscreen for those who aren’t comfortable in ‘banging’ the RHYNO blade through the laminated glass.”

International Fire Fighter Magazine, December 2013
Steve Barrow

Yardley Firefighters put Rescue Tools to the Test

Firefighters from the Yardley-Makefield Fire Company conducted an Edraulic, Hydraulic (cutters/spreaders), Vetter Air Bags- Hurst Tools, and Rhyno Windshield Cutter test with (MES) Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.”

1st Responder Network