Month: January 2022

RHYNO HYDRO Laminated Glass Cutter – World’s First Underwater Extrication Tool for Laminated Windows

RHYNO Hydro - Underwater Windshield Extrication Tool

  Around 400 people/year die each year in the United States while being submerged fully or partially in water.  Prior events such as tree impact or rollovers often injure vehicle occupants before entrance into the water.  Most vehicles will only float

RHYNO Windshield Cutter vs Axe – Tiger Woods Crash Feb 2021

Axes and Saws used to remove a laminated windshield can cause injuries and slows down victim recovery. RHYNO 2.1 can be used easily one handed and in under 30 seconds. Fortunately, Tiger Woods was rescued successfully from his accident. But