RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ taking out side glass

RHYNO Glass Punch Video

RHYNO introduces the new, patent-pending RHYNO Glass Punch! Can be used to make a purchase hole in laminated glass so you can cut out the window with your RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ or it can be used to pop tempered glass side windows. For additional information, click here.

RHYNO 2.1 and RHYNO 3 in action!


RHYNO2 Glass Cutter Review

RHYNO2 used with the car on its side

 During a single 1/4 turn rollover, the damage is minimal and usually has few, if any, injuries.  The doors on the ground side cannot be used for extrication and the opposite doors, although functional, cannot always offer a viable exit path for occupants.  If occupants cannot physically climb out the free doors, the windshield or rear window can quickly be removed and occupants can exit easily outward.

Easy-to-use with a single hand in tight quarters, RHYNO cutters are specially designed to cut motor vehicle glass in emergency situations quickly and safely. 

RHYNO wins Product Innovator Pick at the EMS World Expo 2012

The Original RHYNO Windshield Cutter Video – circa 2012

RHYNO featured at Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine

35 seconds to remove a complete windshield—- less than 15 seconds to remove a laminated side window! For additional information on the RHYNO2, click here.

Team RM brings you to the field for a practical comparative test with the “other” glass cutters that are on the market. For additional information on the RHYNO2, click here.