Facts: Rhyno Extrication Tools

Why are RHYNO Windshield Cutters® safer than other glass saws?

Manual and powered reciprocating saws have been extensively used to cut glass over the past few decades.  Each tool has a cutting blade which protrudes deep into the occupant compartment, greatly increasing the risk of further injury to your patients.  However, with a patient located near, against or even INSIDE the glass, existing tools cannot be used.  The RHYNO blades protrude less than 1″ into the occupant compartment and can be run directly against the patient’s skin, if necessary, without fear of injury.  This makes the RHYNO the safest option available for glass management.

How much dust and debris results from tool use?

With the upward cutting action of the dynamic RHYNO cutter blade, the majority of glass debris is brought outside of the occupant compartment and is ejected onto the windshield.  The glass debris is a heavier particle and drops downward.  Click here for an article in FIRE APPARATUS MAGAZINE that explains all about glass dust.

How many windshields can the blade set cut?

RHYNO Windshield Cutter® blades are constructed of high-grade tool steel with maximum hardness.  Users have experienced upwards of 300-400 windshields on a single cutter blade set.  RHYNO2 cutter blades were designed to fail inside if not cutting glass.  This can be on purpose or an accident where the operator impacts the dashboard, A pillar, a mirror mount or GPS mount.  This is a fail-safe to protect the tool from being ruined.  RHYNO2.1 cutter blades have eliminated this issue and have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Blade sets can be replaced in the field in about 2 minutes by removing the 2 cutter blade fasteners with the wrench provided and replacing it with the new set then replacing the fasteners.  Review your Users Manual for detailed instructions on cutter blade set replacement.

How do I make purchase in the glass?

RHYNO2.1 continues in the RHYNO1 tradition of making a purchase hole with the cutter blades.

What are the battery specifications?

The RHYNO Windshield Cutter® batteries are constructed of the high-power Lithium-ion cells which are rated to 14.4V.  No-load run time is about 45 minutes.  At-load run time is about 30 minutes (about 36 windshields).  At-load run time at 0°F (-18°C) is about 15 minutes or 18 windshields.  The batteries that power the RHYNO are constructed with the best Lithium-ion cells on the market today.  With intermittent use during training exercises, you can expect about 2-2 ½ hours of run time.  Battery leakage is very low and is rated to be about 0.1 amps/month between use or when stored.  As with all Lithium-ion batteries, RHYNO batteries have no memory.

The battery charger is a ½ hour Smart Charger and will charge a fully exhausted battery in about 15-20 minutes.  Batteries can remain parked inside the charger to maintain 100% charge.  If power supply is cut, the battery will not drain.

Can the RHYNO Windshield Cutter® be used on other materials?

RHYNO 1 and RHYNO 2 are rated for standard laminated glass (0.240″ or 6.3 mm).   RHYNO 3 is rated for 1/2″ laminated glass.  Seat belts can be cut with all RHYNO cutters.  No other materials are to be cut by any RHYNO product.