When you roll up on an accident or pull up to a building structure, you are never quite sure what obstacles you will face during your emergency procedures.  This was compounded when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration updated Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to minimize the risk of full or partial ejection during rollover crashes.  Motor vehicle manufacturers responded by utilizing laminated glass i the side, rear and roof windows.  Similarly, National Building Codes were updated to utilize laminated glass for blast, vandalism and impact resistance to protect occupants from flying debris.  Considering crude tools like axes and manual or powered recip saws were commonly used, updated tools needed to be engineered  to meet these new obstacles.

RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ tools are unique, battery powered hand tools utilized to safely and rapidly cut laminated glass in motor vehicles and buildings in emergency situations.  RHYNO cutters were specially designed with three primary goals in mind: Patient Safety, User Safety and SPEED!

Patient Safety

To be technically correct… glass is not CUT… it is either CRUSHED or CRACKED.  Diamonds are used to score glass which localizes the internal stresses permitting controlled breakage or cracking.  This has been done for many decades.  The cutting action of a RHYNO is to compress the glass between 2 static blades and a moving or dynamic blade to perform a controlled crush.  RHYNO’s cutter blades are specially designed and manufactured with high strength steel and very tight tolerances.  RHYNO’s design results in a glass debris field with is tightly controlled which limits airborne particles.  RHYNO’s cutting action is upwards from underneath the glass which drives the debris up and out of the occupant compartment minimizing airborne debris.  Some debris drops downward but this is minimized.  Conversely, manual and powered recip saws like Glas Master and Sawzall TEAR at the glass with the jagged blade edges which spews glass shards and dust throughout the occupant compartment and projects it outward towards the operator and into the surrounding air.

RHYNO 1, 2 and 2.1 all have cutter blades which protrude less than 1” underneath the laminated glass, significantly reducing the risk of patient injury from contact with the blades.  The unique cutter blade shape nearly eliminates the potential for injuring those on the inside of the glass.  Surprisingly, when needed, the blades can be run up against the patient without risk of injury.

User Safety

Not only does RHYNO Windshield Cutters™ minimize the risk of injury to the patient, but user safety is greatly enhanced as well.  During use, if the cutter blades inadvertently come into contact with operator’s body or equipment, the risk of injury or damage is minimized.  Even the most inexperienced operator can remove a windshield in under 1 minute, safely and quickly without the risk of injury to himself or the patient.

Crushed, cracked or broken glass ALWAYS presents a risk of laceration with its very sharp edges.  RHYNO cutter blades minimize the risk of injury by cleanly crushing the glass.  If rescue personnel accidentally contact the cut edges of the glass during further procedures, the risk of laceration on the cut edges is minimized.

RHYNO Windshield Cutters™ can be used with one hand, making it ideal for rollovers, under/over-rides, and situations with limited leverage opportunity. They can easily be manipulated to cut tight corners, as well as affording precision cutting with great maneuverability.


Although the Golden Hour is not really proven by scientific study… we all know that every second counts.  1st Responders like you must use all available means to get your patient out and to treatment quickly and safely.  RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ tools were specifically designed to safely remove a motor vehicle or building glass quickly and safely.  With a low working profile coupled with easy control, the RHYNO provides quick patient access without sacrificing safety, regardless of the user.