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5 Tools a First Responder Should Have at a Car Accident

First responders, the heroes on the front lines, play a vital role in responding to automobile accidents. This is why the equipment in the first responder’s bag is the most essential tools for the health and safety of the victims

Dangerous Weather Conditions Call for the RHYNO Windshield Cutter™

All First Responders need a RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ to prepare for the winter season ahead. The cold seasons offer many difficulties for drivers, including black ice, sleet, snow, slush, rain, hail, and many other natural obstacles. According to NHTSA, “17

First On Scene

When a Police Officer is First-On-Scene at a motor vehicle incident, there are several scenarios where it may be imperative to get the occupants out of the vehicle as soon as possible. These include: vehicle fire  water immersion smoke inside

Extrication Tools on the Market 2022

Having the knowledge and tools necessary to help passengers survive an automobile accident is essential to a successful extrication. During a high-stress situation where the outcome is unknown, every minute counts. A great way to stay prepared as a member

RHYNO HYDRO Laminated Glass Cutter – World’s First Underwater Extrication Tool for Laminated Windows

RHYNO Hydro - Underwater Windshield Extrication Tool

  Around 400 people/year die each year in the United States while being submerged fully or partially in water.  Prior events such as tree impact or rollovers often injure vehicle occupants before entrance into the water.  Most vehicles will only float

RHYNO Windshield Cutter vs Axe – Tiger Woods Crash Feb 2021

Axes and Saws used to remove a laminated windshield can cause injuries and slows down victim recovery. RHYNO 2.1 can be used easily one handed and in under 30 seconds. Fortunately, Tiger Woods was rescued successfully from his accident. But

Rhyno 2.1 Glass Cutter Review

The Rhyno Windshield Cutter can remove a car window in under 35 seconds.  It is lightweight and easy to use. Windshield, passenger and rear windows can be removed quickly to access to patients or for further rescue operations.  This tool

Rhyno 2.1 Laminated Windshield Cutter First Responder Tool

The Rhyno 2.1 Laminated Windshield Cutter Tool saves first responders critical time needed to get to victims in automobile accidents. Removing a windshield in under 35 seconds and is lightweight and easy to use. Every Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue