First On Scene

When a Police Officer is 1st-On-Scene at a motor vehicle incident, there are several scenarios where it may be imperative to get the occupants out of the vehicle as soon as possible.  These include:

  • vehicle fire 
  • water immersion
  • smoke inside cabin
  • health emergency
  • active child birth
  • arrest refusal
  • escaped prisoner
  • diplomat or other high-value personnel

The fastest way to gain access to any motor vehicle is through an unlocked and operable door.  If the door remains locked or if the doors cannot be opened, the next fastest way is through the glass.

Most officers are equipped with a window punch to “pop” the side window, but many vehicles are now manufactured with laminated side glass, just like the windshield.  Your window punch will NOT work on a laminated window.  The next tool an officer will usually use is their expandable baton.  You can beat on a laminated side window for 1-3 precious minutes or more to no avail.  

RHYNO Windshield Cutter can cut a hole in the side window in 5 SECONDS! … or take the entire windshield in <30 seconds. RHYNO is the go-to tool for getting into any motor vehicle or building through the glass!  Watch this video:

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