Company Info

The President and Founder of We Cut The Glass, LLC, is Al Vangura. Al conceived RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ 9 years ago after experiencing an accident on Interstate 376 East of Pittsburgh in 2011. Al was driving home with a pickup truck load of hardwood flooring for his new home outside Pittsburgh. After rounding a right turn traveling in the right westbound lane, Al came upon an SUV which had just impacted the right Jersey Barrier and was still pressed up against it and moving slightly. He pulled up ahead, along with a few other travelers, to see if assistance was needed. The driver was a woman who was in active seizure with the doors locked, windows up, and motor running. Apparently, she was conscience enough before pulling the SUV to the berm before she lost conscientiousness. While not being able to gain access to the patient, a young man grabbed a piece of square tube road sign and began to attempt to break the driver’s window. After 3 to 4 heavy impacts, the window exploded. Vehicle glass spewed throughout the vehicle. The vehicle glass covered everyone attempting to help the patient. Al grabbed the patient’s purse along with another woman and walked to the front hood to see if there was any identification or medication. At that point, the driver’s foot depressed the gas pedal and nearly plowed into Al and the woman in front. They signaled to turn off the ignition just as Police and Ambulance personnel arrived on the scene to take over.

About a month after this incident, Al, as he was known for doing, awoke in the early morning hours from sleep, engineering a tool to remove glass in emergencies. Al’s first design failed miserably to cut glass after a prototype was developed and manufactured. Finally, Al developed the RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ with scissor-like blades to cut laminated glass fast and easy.

The RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ was launched at Fire House Baltimore in late July 2012. Now eight years later, thousands of RHYNOs have been deployed in every US State, Canadian Province, European Union Member State, Korea, China, Japan, Israel, Mongolia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Egypt. We Cut The Glass, LLC, is the pioneer in modern-day laminated glass cutting in emergencies.

Mr. Vangura specializes in product development, forensic biomechanics, and analyzes human movements and personal injuries to determine consistency with physical evidence and testimony. Mr. Vangura conducts in-depth technical analyses determining the  mechanism of injury  or the relationship between externally-applied forces and the resulting internal forces, which result in injuries like bone fractures or dislocations, soft-tissue tears, avulsions, and ruptures. Mr. Vangura has provided technical consultations, investigations, research, analysis, reports, and testimony regarding disputes resulting from injuries including slips/trips/falls, vehicle crashes, product failures, athletic and recreational participation, construction accidents, manufacturing accidents, playground accidents, medical device failures, vehicle collisions, etc.

Mr. Vangura has an extensive background in product design and development with products, including medical devices, athletic equipment, recreational equipment, motor vehicles, military aircraft, and space vehicles. Mr. Vangura holds an M.S. Degree in Bioengineering, a B.S. Degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and an A.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and worked as a machinist for over ten years.