Dangerous Weather Conditions Call for the RHYNO Windshield Cutter™

Dangerous Weather Conditions Call for the RHYNO Windshield Cutter™

All First Responders need a RHYNO Windshield Cutter™ to prepare for the winter season ahead.

The cold seasons offer many difficulties for drivers, including black ice, sleet, snow, slush, rain, hail, and many other natural obstacles. According to NHTSA, “17 percent of all vehicle crashes occur during winter conditions.” (1) Many drivers will land themselves in tricky and hazardous situations where they cannot exit their motor vehicle. December 2022 has already had a 50-car pileup on an Ohio turnpike, and we needed to evacuate the people to a warm location as soon as possible (2). This means that if the vehicle’s driver cannot escape, they are stuck in the harsh winter environment.

When an automobile is flipped over, and there is no way for the driver to exit the vehicle, the first responders on the scene should make sure their equipment can handle the situation. Many windshield cutters depend on sharp tools to pierce through a windshield, or they use a saw to cut it. This puts the passenger in danger of being pierced or stabbed while the windshield is cut. With the winter season ahead of us, we must ensure our first responders have the best tools for the job.

Only one tool is best to safely extract a victim from an automobile accident without the risk of hurting them. The RHYNO Windshield Cutter is safe to the touch. This means if the car accident victim is immobile and against the glass, the RHYNO Windshield Cutter can safely cut the glass, knowing the passenger will not be harmed. The RHYNO can also cut a windshield in LESS THAN 30 SECONDS and handles corners very well.

“I see [the RHYNO Windshield Cutter] as a good thing for law enforcement to have in cases where someone is unresponsive in a locked car, child left in a hot car, etc., to get in while they wait for the fire department. If all side windows will be laminated glass soon, window punches and smacking it with a mag light won’t work anymore. This could get someone out much quicker while waiting for fire.” -JJ Godersky.

This season will see many automobile accidents. The safest way to be prepared for the 2023 winter season is to have the RHYNO Windshield Cutter in your first responder vehicles.

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