5 Tools a First Responder Should Have at a Car Accident

First responders, the heroes on the front lines, play a vital role in responding to automobile accidents. This is why the equipment in the first responder’s bag is the most essential tools for the health and safety of the victims on the scene. Today, we cover some of the best tools for first responders to have in their toolbox when they arrive at a car accident.

  1. RHYNO Windshield Glass Breaker Tool:
    If the door cannot be opened, this tool allows the first responder to break a tempered glass window on the victim’s car and access the victim at the scene to provide much-needed help. This product works on tempered glass windows.
  1. Seat Belt Cutter:

    A seat belt keeps passengers from being thrown from a car in an accident. The seatbelt that saved a
    life might need to be removed to address the current emergency. With the seatbelt cutter, a first responder can quickly and safely remove the seatbelt from the victim. This allows possible extraction from the vehicle or the ability to provide first aid.
  1. RHYNO Windshield Cutter:

    Some windshields cannot be broken with the Glass Breaker Tool because they are
    laminated and need a unique tool to get the job done. Luckily, there is a perfect tool for the
    job that can cut a windshield in LESS THAN 30 SECONDS! This tool is better than any product
    out there for cutting laminated windows. The time a first responder can save with this tool will
    allow more time spent saving the victim of a car crash.
  1. Trauma Shears:

    Trauma Shears aid first responders in removing clothes from a victim to assess injuries. Trauma
    shears prevent first responders from removing clothing from a victim painfully and instead allow
    them to cut the clothing off safely and precisely. This is a must-have in every first
    responder’s toolbox that arrives at a car accident.
  1. Streamlight Flashlight:

    Many first responders have to work in bad conditions, such as rain, snow, or nighttime. The impaired
    vision can make the high-speed environment even more stressful. For this reason, a flashlight is
    essential for a first responder to bring to the scene.

With limited time to address a victim’s needs, first responders must keep their
equipment current. These five tools mentioned are among the most effective
for first responders when attending to an automobile accident.