"Great tool, I have cut hundreds of windshields in my training classes, clean cut with little glass shard. A must with today’s auto! "
- Todd Bedard
"One of the best tools in our extrication bag! "
- Chance Spivey
"I see it as a good thing for law enforcement to have in cases where someone’s unresponsive in a locked car, child left in a hot car, etc., to get in while they wait for the fire department. If all side windows will be laminated glass soon, window punches and smacking it with a mag light won’t work anymore. This could get someone out much quicker while waiting for fire. I’m not sure it’s meant to be a sole extrication tool or anything. Just a first line thing. "
- JJ Godersky
"Just put two of these in service recently. One on our rescue truck and one on our squad. Sawzall still has it’s place for certain applications but for windshields this is now our go to tool. "
- Bryan Focht
"We have used the tool this evening after we used a new set of Power Hawk Auto cribs that the crew was amazed by. But that amazement quickly abated as each member used your tool. With 100% agreement, this is an amazing tool. Fast. Efficient. Long lasting. "
- Philip Publicover, Fire Chief, Blandford and Area Fire Rescue
"I have to say that “this thing cuts through laminated windshield glass like a hot knife through butter!” In all sincerity, my statement is not a product endorsement, but a fact. "
- Carl Haddon, Assistant Chief and Fire Commissioner for the North Fork (ID) Fire Department
"It works great. One of the few products that works as well as its marketing says. "
- Member, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey Fire Department
"The value of ease of operation with this tool cannot be overstated. During repeated attempts, inexperienced operators were able to quickly remove several front windshield with minimal instruction and supervision. The RHYNO Windshield Cutter provides solutions to most of the disadvantages of other windshield removal options. It produces limited glass dust and won’t project into the patient compartment. "
- Les Baker, Engineer, City of Charleston (S.C.) Fire Department
"In my opinion the RHYNO Windshield Cutter is one of the best new tools for rescue I’ve seen in a few years. I have extensively tested this tool since September 2012 and its manufacturer, We Cut the Glass, LLC, has been most receptive with regards to its product. "
- John Sileski, Hurst Product Specialist for Municipal Emergency Services